Arthur Balfour once said that "enthusiasm moves the world".

We believe in enthusiasm very much, it gets people to do some amazing things, it's the one thing we try to be everyday here in the workshop. We saw this little short Neil Erskine (a friend first and rider second), was invovled in and for us, it captured many things, one of them being enthusiasm, we loved it and all those invovled - they are all a part of the Finisterre world.

'The Strangest Thing'. A film by Nick Marchant & Matthew Wood. from The Strangest Thing on Vimeo.

The Strangest Thing is a submission for The Shorties at London Surf/Film Festival 2012.
A film by Nick Marchant & Matthew Wood.

Director(s): Nick Marchant & Matthew Wood.
Surfer: Neil Erskine.
Underwater Camera: Sam Werkmeister.
Colourist: Liam Shanagher.
Music: Ernest Gonzales.