Tim Bonython is one of the most gifted surf film producers around. He lives a life surrounded by the biggest personalities and waves on this planet and he captures them both, in some of the most incredible moments we've ever seen.

When our product can play a part in capturing these moments, it feels pretty special and when a very busy man, can find some time to write about his adventures - it feels even more special. Here's a little insight into Tim's world - the man swings for the fences!

"2012 has been certainly a lot more different than the last two years.

After 6 years of working towards my definitive film of What is Surfing, i decided to lock down and do the walk and stop the talk.

Which meant 4 months of non stop editing, seven days a week. Night & day to create a 100 minute modern day story of surfing now called IMMERSION - The Movie.

27 shows later we toured Immersion around Australia. Then we were invited to Maui to screen Immersion at the Maui Film Festival. Also we won the viewers prize for Best Extreme Cinema & the Beacon Award.

As soon as we returned back to Oz a swell reared up and was heading to Fiji. So I booked my flight with the idea that i would document some great surfers in some perfect waves.

Jason Polakow a world class wind surfer was going & was keen to have me document him there. Problem was the winds backed off & Jason ended up Stand Up paddle boarding.

Joel Parkinson & Alex Gray was on Tavarua and then the King arrived which made my trip perfect.

Joel, Alex & Kelly were surfing perfect glassy 6 to 8 foot Cloudbreak. Nothing crazy but perfect.

On my return we had to fly to Perth in Western Australia to show Immersion for a SURF Aid charity screening.

Then straight after that I headed to South Australia to document a secret wave two hours off the coast in the Great Australian Bight.

It's a perfect right hander off an island right in the middle of one of the worlds biggest breeding grounds of the planets biggest White Pointers. They seemed to be always in my mind.

After that Shipsterns fired but really only half the size we were hoping for.

This time I went out with Benny Richardson's (local Shipsterns surfer) dad. He's got a large tinny. Not as good as the usual boat that I go out on but still gets me out there.

On our return due a change in the weather - which is a one hour trip back to port, Sticky (Benny's dad) took us along the other side of Shipsterns. The coastline is incredible.

Never seen such amazing cliffs. There massive caves that we drove into that seem to go in hundreds of meters.

At one stage we were so transfixed with the water dripping out of the top of one of these caves that this wave started to rear up getting bigger as it moved towards us. Luckily we just slipped out just in time.

A week later we a big swell headed towards Sydney. There's place two hours south that has this incredible bombora that breaks really close to the rocks. I just love to shoot this place.

Its not really a wave that safe to surf. Actually its almost killed surfers that have. A bodyboarder had his wetsuit ripped off, literally torn off.

And Damian Will's aka Dom & Dean Bowen attempted it and almost died in the process.

But it does do some amazing things. The early light thing where the sunrise punches through the green is so spectacular. The only thing is, its hard to monetize.

Ie - hard to make dollars out of. But thats the nature of my beast. But I am so lucky to be able to shoot something unique like surfing the way I look at it. Thats my niche. So I live with it with pride.

So there you have it. There's been some moments but nothing CRAZY..

Timmy B pictured above after a big day at shippies and Finisterre insulation keeping him warm.