- Dedicate time to something and do it well.

- Open up relationships and keep them.

- Lend some time to furthering innovation, innovation that has no financial gain and instead improvement at it's heart.

We've tried to do these things, sometimes not perfectly, but we've dedicated many days, and have done, since bringing a company like ours to the market place years ago.

A little story:

James Bowthorpe called us up 4 years ago, he said he needed some product to go around the world on a bike. Months later, he broke the cycle around the World Record - this is dedicating time to something and doing it well.

A year later, he became one of our ambassadors and has been for the last four years - this is a relationship opened and kept.

A year and a bit ago, he told us that he was going to go on another adventure. That he was going to make a film, one about a man who makes a boat from New York City’s waste, the detritus of a modern megalopolis, and takes it to the source of the Hudson River high in the Adirondack Mountains, at Lake Tear of the Clouds.

He rows the boat back to NYC, through wilderness, countryside, farms, towns and industry, all of which rely on the mighty river that flows past, all of which are threads of the river’s story.

He said that he needed a suit, one that he could wear for the soul purpose of this adventure - kind of like a space suit to an astronaut. Although the suit itself would never really go into commercial production, it would push innovation - this is improvement at it's heart.

In the end, we made the suit, James has begun his adventure and it's one that has amassed the interest of Mogwai providing a soundtrack, Anthony Crook powering the visuals and a small little workshop - has once again put improvement and innovation at the heart of things. Down below you can get behind this adventure, kind of like how people get behind companies and buy shares, this is kind of like getting behind a man and sharing a dream - it's called the Hudson River Project.

If you want to get behind the dream, that's done here with kickstarter