We believe in encouraging and supporting the people we work with, not just paying them and this approach has resulted in surf trips, late nights, beers and some very strong friendships. We've been talking to Chris below, we're looking forward to meeting him in the future, but for now - enjoy his story, the video he put together with Nick and remember to always dig deep and take that chance.

For the record: we're a cold water surf company, but after watching what we all agreed 'was the best surfing we've ever seen', we had to post.

Chris writes:

"About 6 months ago Nick Rozsa was a unemployed surfer. A year prior to that he was a highly paid professional surfer with tons of sponsors and big contracts. Nick lost all interest in competing full time and as a result, lost all of his sponsors, they eventually dropped him about the same time his girlfriend was pregnant. Everything went from good to bad real quick. Nick and I used to film together a lot, when we were roommates in 2007. Long story short, I ended up getting other jobs and had other opportunities to work, so filming Nick took a back seat for a while. Nick had lots of other things going on and it just didn't work out. When Nick was at his lowest in late 2011, we met up and just started talking about the past and how close we were to making it in the surf world and the thought of it all being over was slowly creeping in. Nick had no sponsors, no budget, no job and a kid on the way. I used the last of the little bit of money I had saved took out a credit card loan and bought a rad camera. Nick and I gave the whole surfing thing one last shot in October of 2011. We made a 6 minute wepisode called Homegrown. It was our last thing we were ever going to put out for people to see again. The video blew up. everybody saw it and things started turning around. Late November we filmed another video over a 4 day holiday weekend around home. Put it out on the web and the thing blew up again. Kelly Slater even tweeted that Nick was "the best unsponsored surfer". That led us to our next video. We decided to make a part 3 of our now famed "homegrown project". While we were shooting, I got a random phone call from Kelly Slater himself asking to come hangout with us and surf. We were blown away. Now everyone noticed Nick and wanted a piece. That led to being re-signed by former sponsors and revamping his whole career. Later that month we dropped Homegrown EP.3 and the rest is history. Fast forward to April 2012 and we now have a large audience full of surf fanatics stoked on our every move. Just launched the website this week and our latest video Homegrown Ep5. Stoked!!!"

Chris Papaleo