We're a cold water surf company, making cold water surf spots more accessible. Anything that showcases cold, wintery waves and men and women head to toe in neoprene, enjoying waves -is right in our wheelhouse. We've opened up relationships globally, with a select few people who bring this lifestyle to life visually. Dylan and Ryan made something very special over the last year. It's a short doco, showcasing the lives of a select few, in a country just over the way, doing what it is we do here in the UK and it was beautiful.

A bit from the boys below:

When we set out to make this documentary back in May, we were most excited about documenting the winter months. However, this winter was historically warm and brought only a few Noreasters, which are the strongest source of swell for New Hampshire. Luckily, a decent storm brought a number of inches of snow to the coast and solid waves for the first weekend in March and we filmed as much as we could. In this video, we are just trying to give a glimpse of the winter surfing experience. It's hard to really understand, unless you put on a wetsuit and paddle out, but we hope the video gives a taste of the cold, the beauty of coastal winters, and the passion these surfers have.

Thanks again, we really appreciate your kind words. If we ever make it out to the UK, we'd love to pay you a visit.

Dylan Ladds and Ryan Scura

Salmon Theory from the Granite Stoke on Vimeo.