"There's no other spot in the world like Maverick's, you can jump off a plane 20 minutes away and drive down to the beach", says Ken Collins.

Rocky Romano is a guy who lives his life in between big swells. He's sat on ski's in some of the oceans biggest swells and captured almost every big wave surfer on the planet, doing what they do.

We caught a glimpse of one of his most recent projects and had to take our hats off, he in many ways, has captured footage of Maverick's, that has never really been captured before. Healey comes out the back of Maverick's left, Mr. Collins takes off one of the biggest bombs and all played back, at super slow motion (1500 frames per second). Carlos Burle couldn't make it, but managed to make some swells earlier in the year and we're looking forward to seeing some footage soon.

We're opening things up with Rocky and hopefully in the not too distant future, you may even see a bit of footage of Rocky wearing an Anabatic, off the back of a ski. Keep an eye out - 7 minutes and 23 seconds in, Ken goes big - enjoy.

Maverick Moments: Episode 1 from The Go Big Project on Vimeo.