Back in 2009, we set out to make the most durable and cosy socks, so we thought it a good idea to speak to some people who knew a thing or two about the sock trade. The factory we selected to make our Last-long socks is based in the sock heartland of the UK - Nottingham, where the factory have been making socks for gentlemen's leisure and the military since the 1850's. The company was started by Sarah Bamkin, but was registered under her husband's name, as back then it was illegal for a woman to own a business. Today the managing director is the great grandson of the ambitious founding female and the two directors are his grandchildren.
The relationship we have with Bamkins is special to us, not least because they're a family run UK company, but as a result of the skills passed down from generation to generation, combined with our own passion for wool, we've been able to realise and improve on our idea to craft the warmest and most durable sock. For me the motivation to make a Finisterre product is about enjoying and solving simple problems, whether it be the annoyance of holey socks, the post-surf change rush into dry clothes, or the cold and wet weather. But the design problem is only part of the process, as we grow as a brand and as individuals, as we tinker with convention and set out to resolve problems, it's the relationships with our suppliers and learning from them, that allows the idea to take shape beyond the design bench.
We enjoy making things in the UK, not purely from a sense of nostalgia and a hankering for the past, but because bringing things closer to home makes it easier for us to unravel how things are made and put them back together in a way that shrinks the supply chain, reduces our overall impact and basically helps keep things simple.