Why's the Pruga so warm?

Compared to our SDS system, used in our Etobicoke and Sastruga - our Pruga utilises a technology never used before, a new and exclusive insulation innovation driving weight and warmth to the forefront.

Why's the Pruga so warm? The Pruga's secret, lies in its construction, it incorporates our double decker sandwich philosophy. If you think of a double decker sandwich - bread, filling, bread, filling, bread - we've taken this household bread sandwich making technique and applied to our insulation. So instead of bread, you have a windshell and instead of filling, you have primaloft eco insulation.

- The two layer insulation system reduces airflow and traps more warm air closer to the body.

- It provides more protection from the outside elements, is less reliant on loft and so is less bulky and more durable over time.

In short, the Pruga will keep you crazy warm, will last a long time and is made from planet friendly fabrics. It also happens to be ridiculously good looking.

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