Bowmont Leaflet

When it comes to environmental considerations, we have never just ticked boxes, we have always looked down avenues that go beyond what is expected, made decisions that give us the satisfaction that we have done the best sourcing we can reasonably do, given our size and resources. This ethos started with the fabric used in our insulation being made from recycled bottles and goes right through to all our external suppliers whether it be the degradable plastic used in our postal bags (by February 2012 all our garment packaging will be degradable) or the printers we use.

When it comes to printing on paper we always start with the question, is it really necessary? Is this a good use of paper and planetary resources?, and sometimes it halts us in our tracks from printing a big run of thick brochures and are sent out to a random purchased database. Sometimes however we think it is right to do a printed piece, it can be a thing of beauty to feel good quality printed paper in your hands. It is then our responsibility to source as environmentally as possible and when doing our latest mini piece on the 'story of the Bowmont' we asked Park Lane Press to print it. We liked the cut of their jib, not only was it printed and finished to a high standard, they follow the go beyond ethos. It is one thing to use FSC paper or have a recycled content in your stock, it is another thing for a printer - who are often judged merely on price - to invest in waterless print technology, use vegetable oil-based inks, offset all their site emissions and power from 100% renewable resources.

Environmental considerations shouldn't undermine quality they should be in addition to it and we are seeing a positive change in that it is not just us asking for high quality low impact solutions, suppliers with foresight are offering it.

Learn more about offsetting site emissions through the charity PURE
Check out our interactive global sourcing map - iSpy - Finisterre's Traceability Programme