Everything started for Millican back in the early 90's, on the boarder of Ecuador and Peru. Two people took some time off to rediscover what they loved - the great outdoors, the environment, exploring, vintage travel items and just slowing life down a bit - finding some pace.

So in the summer 2008, with help from friends and a belly full of ideas, they created Millican and a year later their first range of organic canvas rucksacks, shoulder bags, overnight bags, cooler bags and travel accessories was launched.

Whether it was our garments, or what we were trying to do environmentally, our paths crossed. We got in touch, we were wearing and using each others gear and the fit seems so very natural. We love good, simple design, with an emphasis on the environment and when it comes to travel bags, there are lots out there, but to be putting design and environment first - they are hard to come by. The fact that they were a British company was even better and so a very romantic relationship has been growing. We make product to keep you warm, help you on your adventure and Millican make beautiful bags (one of which I happened to have bought some time ago).

We then got talking and have decided to take things further, with cameo appearances in photo shoots, athletes using them and who knows, maybe even a collaboration in the future! We took things one step further and have decided, for the next four weeks we're going to be running a little competition. We wanted more people to know about Millican and so we'veopened up a little competition for the next month.

All you have to do is sign up here and they'll pick a winner and that winner, will win, what I've been using for the last few months and simply love - Jim the Holdall.

So here's to a new introduction to your travel items, good luck with the competition and we can't wait to get things rolling further with the guys over at Millican!