We all took little steps a long time ago, with the end goal of walking. We'd all fall down, maybe shed a tear and then get up and take another chance. The older we get, it's easier not to chance things as much, maybe its comfort, maybe it's because the fall is greater, however way you look at it, we could all roll the dice a bit more. Georgia likes chancing it, she's got a small business, where she brings old deck chairs back to life and it's all done by taking a chance.

Words by Georgia - she's very cool!

I talk to lots of suspicious beach concessionaires about the past and how much things have changed. After around 6 months, they trust me enough to part with their old materials. I then drive around the south coast in a pick up collecting it all, stopping regularly to drink enough coffee to kill a small horse.

I then strip back all the chairs with a pair of rusty pincers from the 70s, whilst muttering expletives. I scrub them back, then I cut them out en masse and sew them upstairs in the spare bedroom of our home- which looks a lot like one of those houses you see where they have to physically barge the door open just to get passed all the stacked up stuff.
-But there is an ace view of trees.

After the making, I hang out with Piran (my son) and when he goes to bed, I work following stuff up, updating the website and making promotional stuff, whilst listening to the eels and awful 80s bowie.