I asked Tim to put a little something together about why he does what he does. Tim Bonython documents some of the biggest waves in the world and then turns them into videos and we're loving them. It's a relationship that's been growing over the past couple of months, although we haven't met (and we will), I like him, I like the sound of him, he seems to be the type of guy that's always smiling. He’s put a little something together below and has then attached some of his favourite moments from 2011 - the guy goes big!

Words by Tim Bonython:

It’s not for the money, that’s for sure, BUT I recon I couldn’t be wealthier with the life I live.
I have a major addiction that’s a healthy one. I chase swells – I am a swell chaser that lives an endless winter. I don’t like summer. With small waves, sea breezes & generally nothing to shoot.So in our summer there’s always Hawaii.

Come autumn the weather changes from warm to cool and with it the swells return. Australia has become an amazing place for surf. Thanks to the Jet Ski. Over the last 10 years I have been documenting some unbelievable surfing slabs. And with them there has been a professional pack of hungry big wave gladiators that I travel with. They are the total athletes – they train like no tomorrow ready for anything that’s dealt out. There’s nothing more exciting than chasing some of these swells that hit some of our Southern Hemisphere reefs that create some of the biggest barrels on the planet.

This year I have experienced my best year of monster swells. The biggest Shipsterns, the biggest Teahupo’o, the best OURS, crazy slabs at the RIGHT in WA & the historic paddle swell that ended up at Cloudbreak Fiji. And then look at these frame grabs I documented at Shipsterns last week. Simply, when I see a swell in my backyard I just have to do it!!

Tyler Holmer-Cross - barrelled

James McKeen on one of the heaviest wipeouts ever

Kohl Christensen on the wave of the swell

Bruce Irons on a beauty

Bruce Irons on a BOMB!

Mark Mathews in a mental wave at THE RIGHT in South Western Australia