So we did it - the time, the meetings, the discussions, the sheer work - it has been a journey.

We met loads of people on this journey and they were defo cool. Some people talked loads of silly stuff, others were invaluable, both of you know who you are ;)

I think what I wanted to do here was just list a few pointers, there's nothing to hide here, it's not rocket science, we built a site and if there are others out there trying to do the same, then we're happy to help! What we've taken away from the whole experience and nothing new here - you've got to hustle. Finisterre was built on hustling, not working hard (I think anyone who's working hard is in the wrong job), just putting in fun hours, it should always be fun, if you're happy to do that, keep reading.

Point numero uno: meet a lot of people. Agencies, people in sheds, with beards, in big offices, small offices. Find the right agency or person, there are loads out there, but find one that doesn't spout silly stuff, ultimatley, you're going to spend A LOT of time with these people, make sure they're a good culture fit!

Point numero dos: beware of the agency that uses lots of acronyms! This should never be complicated, it should be friendly and if they're using loads of acronyms, or terms you've never heard of, they're just trying to make it sound complicated and they're probably crappy! If you're talking to someone at the moment and your reasonable, the conversation should be easy, if it sounds like some dark art, they're talking silly stuff! This also goes for 'digital agencies', SEO specialists, link builders extrodinaires et cetera, there are soooooo many crappy ones out there, again, before you begin looking, you can call us up anytime!

Point numero tres: Beware of one stop shops. People, or things that do everything, will do it all ok and nothing that great. We think when people specialise in particular areas, they become great in those areas and we dig great things. You know your business better than anyone, you know the feel, the love, the passion and so in our opinions, we think it'll go a lot smoother if you have someone close designing the site and having the agency, build it. This won't always be the case, every business is different, but for us, this worked the best and even better when you have a secret weapon called David Gray - he designed the whole thing, he's pretty bad ass!

There's loads of other things that are involved and if you want to call us up, you can, if anything, we wanted to share, there's no point in keeping cards close to the chest! So in summary - meet loads of people, the people you're talking with should make things sound simple, if they're not, they're probably talking silly stuff and look for one trick ponies!

Thank you to all those involved, we are so very proud of what we just made - come have a look!