Commitment is a big word, when I first met Tommy, it was the only word in his vocabulary. To commit to something, to put your name to something, to do it with a ruthlessness, an unwavering level of conviction - it's a pretty inspiring thing.

When we all got together 6 years ago, tents in a backyard and a bank balance big enough to get us to London and back - commitment was the only thing we really had. So we all committed to building Finisterre and with that, came this obsession of representing commitment visually and the only thing that sprung to mind, was the commitment shown in the big wave arena.

We set our ambitions high and tried to open things up with Carlos Burle, he dug what we were trying to do and over the years, so to, have a whole host of other people. Commitment is a word that conjures up a lot of things here in the workshop and every so often, beautiful videos representing that come through and they remind us of those early days, why we do what we do.

It's good to know the things that keep you ticking, the reminders that keep you loving what you do, everyone should have something.

This was shot by a guy named Tim Bonython. For those of you who don't know him, he's a massive deal in OZ and in the action sports industry, he shoots for all the big boys, only he does it with beautiful taste. We've been in touch with him, we're going to begin building a relationship, maybe even keep him warm when he's shooting off the back of a jetski and watching a bomb push through. Wanted to thank you Tim, big hugs man!