So there's a lot of companies out there doing yoga, teaching yoga, the different styles and it's all cool - taking things serious is a good thing, but sometimes it's cool when things, just simply - rock.

Yoga does rock, we've got a host of people who think it rocks as well and so with a combined love for it, we're taking our view on yoga to the North Coast of Cornwall!

We are organising with the help of some very flexible friends and yoga teachers in the South West, a yoga event at Lusty Glaze beach, Newquay on Monday 15th August 6pm - 10pm. The Lusty gig will be the first of our community guerilla yoga tour, celebrating the diversity of yoga outside in the fresh air and giving individuals of all backgrounds, ages and abilities a chance to enjoy Anusara, Acro Yoga, Hatha, Iyengar, children and baby yoga, laughter yoga and massage as the sun sets, with a fresh and tasty BBQ to follow, acoustic music set and a charity auction afterwards.

The event is to raise money for two charities closest to our hearts - The first charity being for Precious Lives children' s hospice South West and the second The Global Natural Children' s Health Trust - GNCHT - Which is an awe-inspiring charity based in Truro, raising funds and awareness for children and their parents affected by HIV and AIDS in South Africa. For more of what they do, check below!