Thursday, July 22nd, 2010

Al Mackinnon - 2nd Ambassador, friend, photographer, epicure, loves a good book/good picture. If not in London processing and organizing images from a previous trip and sending away to the world’s top magazines, he’s away - somewhere in Latin America, California, the Hebrides, sleeping in the back of his VW Synchro, just getting lost.

We have fond memories of throwing the Frisbee, bbq’s in the caravan, seeing him in Peru upon a mound of sand trying to catch a once in a life-time shot of some blissful sugar cane fire, him charging at Thurso and the list goes on. He has supplied us with images since the early days, stories and the occasional waltz through the workshop doors only to be embraced by us all.

We don’t see him that much and so what we can get, we’ll take - the odd phone call, image, or story. We just recently heard that his film processor, the famed Robin Bell, was going to be putting out a documentary, we found the trailer, it’s only 2mins and a bit… the point - to see Mack’s image (early in the trailer, keep an eye out), amongst the greatest photographers of the 21st century - is amazing and so this is why we do it, why we put ourselves through months without him, only to see this - so very, very proud!