Tuesday, July 13th, 2010

We like recycling bikes and old Brooks saddles and Monocle and Ernest Gonzales and Bike Polo and surf adventures and people of the sea and people who grow veg and cowboys and Sherpas and the list goes on.

James Bowden likes bikes and surf boards, and books and camping and Finisterre gear. We knew him from a while back, he was wearing some gear and then ventured off into the unknown - world of self publishing. The result, a rad newspaper, with rad images and rad stories, about camping and ferries and some Russian Beat Poetry.

We like his stories, what he’s doing - he’s cool indeed.

Bourgeois Bicycle budgets

Bikes: 2 x Raliegh Chiltern (circa 1990) 3 speed heavy steel beasts - £40 each, broken, from old cycle hire place in Barnstaple. £60 on parts to get them back to speed (and safe) Brooks saddles and grips kindly donated by Andrea at Brooks.

Trailers: 2 x Carry Freedom Y-Frame (large) £150 Modified with custom surfboard racks welded and bolted by max the steel man £40, B&Q garden mesh £5, zip ties £1, bungee cords £3, rack pads stolen from mikeys car, straps stolen from tim’s garage.

Camping gear: already owned or borrowed or stolen or picked up along the way.

Ferry (Plymouth-Roscoff) : £46

Camping fees: £0 (all the campsites were shut anyway)

So there you go, the Bourgeois Bicycle Caravan were cheapskates and you can be one too.

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