Monday, October 11th, 2010

We’ve brought back to the workshop, the highly coveted RSPCA Good Business Award.

After three years of hunting, we’ve wrangled ourselves the highly coveted RSPCA Good Business Award.

These Bowmonts were nothing more than a pipe dream three years ago, the idea of cutting our independence on foreign merino, transportation issues and opening up our transparency across our supply chain was a super high hurdle.

But we’ve all mucked in, all in the workshop have kept the heads down, helping out with sheering and lambing, designers tinkering with supply chains and wool blends and all of you: our customers, testers and athletes, thank you all, for backing a very small place.

So in celebration (and perfect timing), we’ve got 30 of our rare Bowmonts on Savile Row, for Wool Week - it’s turfed out, the flock are at the heart of Wool Week and all is backed by the Prince of Wales.

So if you’d like to meet them/us - get down there, it’s open to the public, so get on it!!!