Friday, September 18th, 2009

James Bowthorpe set off about six months ago, he decided to cycle around the world, 18,000 miles on a saddle and at the same time challenge the world record. His bike Santos managed the epic journey and so to did our man James. We’ve been following him over the trip, kept in close contact with his brother Tom over at Globcycle HQ and the host of people managing his GPS location, food drops etc.

He’s arriving this Saturday, from France into Portsmouth. All of those following his journey will be mounted on their trusty steeds and ready to accompany him on a celebration tour of London:

Saturday 19 September
** NB: please keep an eye on / Twitter / Facebook for any changes to dates and times **
7am Breakfast in Portsmouth ferry terminal café
4pm Roehampton gate café, Richmond Park, London
4.30 Leave Richmond Park
5.30 Hyde Park - by the cafe at the east end of the Serpentine

It would be wicked to see all in their iron horses, hopefully we’ll muster a large enough crew to stop traffic. Would be wicked to see you all there, we’ll be in force!

Super rad James - can’t wait to see you!!