Wednesday, May 26th, 2010

Some break dancing somewhere in Eastern Europe.

Dave, Jeff and Steve came to us a couple of years ago, we knew Dave from a piece he wrote on Finisterre and the rest - history. Dave and the boys wanted to chase an experience, raise some money and take a car over 8000 miles from Cornwall to Mongolia.

We weren’t in a place to get behind them financially, but to think that 3 Etobicokes and some base layers were going to find there way from west and Eastern Europe; across Turkey into Central Asia; up through the beautiful forests of Georgia; into Azerbaijan and along the old Silk Road: Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, through the beautiful mountains of Kyrgyzstan and Kazahkstan; and finally to Russia - was an inspiring thought.

They made it and with more stories then you can shake a stick at and images to last a life time. Rad to have been a part and job done on the funds raised, hugfest boys - more on the story below:

Cornwall to Mongolia in a 1.2-litre Fiat Punto, as part of the annual Mongol Rally. All to raise money for Cornwall Hospice Care, and to get ourselves into some properly weird situations.

It took six weeks to get to the Mongolian border. In that time our car had carried us through 8,000 miles of world culture, seeing first-hand the incremental changes from the clay country of Stenalees, through countless corrupt borders and checkpoints, to the edge of the Mongolian steppes.

Etobicoke in a Mongolian tent - sick

In that time we camped in the wilds, buried our own turds, encountered camel carcasses and loads of drunk Mongolians, and were generally reduced to wrecks by the stunning wild scenery.

On day 49 of the trip we were almost home, when we approached a steep desert hill and found a Mongolian van lying on its side at the bottom, its roof overloaded with crap and its windows smashed on the sand, with a crowd of people gathered round a body beside it. Steve went over to help out - patching the guy’s smashed skull together with bandages. We left as the ambulance arrived. The guy had started gurgling, and we didn’t want to be around when things turned hysterical. A sobering end to six weeks of folly.

We had to auction the Punto, which we reckon went for around a grand. No idea how or why. Soon enough we were flying home. We’d raised £5k for Cornwall Hospice Care, and £1k for Mercy Corps in Mongolia. Plus whatever the car made. We’d had an incredible laugh.

Etobicokes and the finish line - epic

If you’re toying with a similar trip, do it. It’s nuts. But remember to heed our well-proven philosophy:

Dave, Jeff and Steve