Friday, December 12th, 2008

We’ve got three ambassadors, three guys that pursue personal passions, blow caution to the wind and achieve some pretty amazing results, through which, all of us here live vicariously .

Take this month for instance; Carlos Burle is currently in the Mecca of the surf world - the North Shore of Oahu, invited to the most prestigious big wave event ever and we’re there - in spirit. How about Al Mackinnon, claiming not one, but a two page photo spread in Surf Europe’s annual photobook issue and we were there, on his back, keeping him warm, whilst the trigger finger pushed down. Ian Batrick, our newest ambassador, just so happened to claim over 10 pages in this months Wavelength - ten! That type of coverage is unheard of and we were there - on his board.

We’re over the moon with the collective spirit here at Finisterre, simply couldn’t do what we do without the many behind us.