Monday, February 1st, 2010

200ft below the cliff, through some near impenetrable sugar cane and pineapple fields, is Jaws or Pe’ahi. Lying on the edge of an old plantation town, the access is difficult: the single dirt track has littered with burnt out cars to keep the crowds down. In short you need an ATV just to get down there, and that’s before you get into the water.

The local surfers have the place wired, a twenty minute paddle out - the Jet Ski is a good idea. Jaws, the true home of tow-in comes alive each winter between December and January with swells originating thousands of miles away. The huge fetch and strong storms that develop off Alaska’s Aleutian Islands hits the near perfect reef delivering some seriously sizey rights and lefts.

Meanwhile the clock never stops for Carlos - after a good run in the Eddie Aikau, and a couple of stand out sessions atMavericks, he’s been taking on the biggest swells that have been called this winter, whilst still finding time to be at home with his baby boy.

Here’s some shots that were snapped at the last big jaws session by our girl Tracy in the water, catching Carlos grabbing an insane barrel on one of the biggest sessions this winter at Jaws. Check it out, there’s some whisperings that this is a strong contender for the XXL big barrel awards.