Wednesday, February 17th, 2010

A couple weeks back, we went to check out our flock of Bowmont. Lesley was there to receive us, with loads of news on the flock, the rams and wool.

HMS Finisterre is one of the prettiest looking rams in the flock - bar none. He’s got a lovely coat, stands proud and holds his ground amongst the other rams and on occasion, you can find him chatting up some of the prettier yews. We’re always stoked to see him and Lesley reckons he’s on course to be a looker.

Raymond, our man with the golden touch, manages to remove fleeces with grace and precision, leaving the flock nick free. He’s a gentle man, super kind and chuffed with his tea break. Raymond - you’re a dude, wicked seeing you!

Lesley had also mentioned the Spinning World Championships, which is held in Bothwell Tasmania every 2 years - next to be held in 2011 as part of the Bothwell International Highland Spin-In 2011. The Competition is to make the longest 2 ply thread from 10grams of wool. The winner in 2009 managed 1,012.377 meters. It just so happens that the worlds top spinners have chosen our Bowmont to use in the spinning championships - so fingers are crossed.

One last mention, cheers Lesley, as always. We love seeing you, love the stories and we were over the moon with the pork pies from the local butcher - amazing!

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1. Leslie with her sheep

2. Raymond has his t-break

3. Sheep after shearing