Friday, August 20th, 2010

Finisterre is becoming that place we dreamed - a platform for people to thrive, for pipe dreams to become reality, a place that will change the future. We’re now the only company in the WORLD, to have a Bowmont program and now the likes of the Prince and Saville Row are in view - making the impossible - possible, stoked!!

Warrior - simply one of our finest, an award winner and fibre worth getting in line for!

Lesley - our fine fibre enthusiast and heart and soul behind our Bowmont breeding program, has the below to report.

Hi Tom,
Yes all’s well thanks. The sheep have just been separated from the last of the lambs and we’ve got this year’s breeding females into a field for a few weeks to get them into tip top condition before going to the rams.
Some good news on the other farmers front. I met someone via the National Sheep Event at Malvern a couple of weeks ago – an Australian living in the UK who is very impressed with Bowmonts. He has family who run some of the best Merino flocks in Oz. He’s just gone out there for 6 weeks shearing but when he returns he is coming over to talk. He wants to have Bowmonts. He sounds ideal.

The other piece of good news is that while I was at the Sheep event I spoke at length to the Chairman of the Wool Marketing board. The upshot is that I had a phonecall last night from john Thorley who is working with Prince Charles on The Wool Project – an international 5 year programme to promote wool. M&S, John Lewis and loads of other big names have signed up. There’s a big launch week planned for October when they will be grassing over Saville Row in London. They want Bowmonts there! I’ve had to send pictures (see above for one of Warrior ) and it sounds as though we are the chosen sheep! It’s being organised by Australian Wool Innovations (the org behind the woolmark) and they particularly wanted a British Merino derivative for some reason.

Anyway, if this comes off as seems very likely, there will undoubtedly be a huge opportunity to promote the sheep to all and sundry so we must jump on the bandwagon!
It finally sounds as if Tom has got all the processing organised so if this Saville Row thing happens we should i hope be on course!!


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