Monday, September 1st, 2008

Red Nose Tow-in Championship’s official list has been released this week. Maresia’s beach, located in São Sebastião, in the state of São Paulo, is where everything will take place. The window opened at the first of July and it will go on until the 30th of November, with a swell size of at least 10ft, or 20 foot faces inorder for the event to go green.

Surfers like Jamie Sterling, Garret McNamara, Ross Clark Jones, Mike Parsons, Ian Walsh and Brad Gerlach, are some of the athletes showing up for the event. Brazilian tow partners Carlos Burle and Eraldo Gueiros will be looking to defend the home patch and take away the 32,000 pound purse on offer, one of the biggest ever offered in a tow-event.

Backing Carlos has been an absolute trip, he’s currently ranked third in the world in the APT (Association of Professional Tow-Surf) and we’re looking for him to bring home yet another high placed finish.

Big Company - Carlos Burle, Greg Long and Grant Baker


List of Competitors:
1. Rodrigo Resende / Danilo Couto (Bra)
2. Carlos Burle / Eraldo Gueiros (Bra)
3. Haroldo Ambrósio / Jorge Pacelli (Bra)
4. Sylvio Mancusi / Alemão de Maresias (Bra)
5. Everaldo Pato / Yuri Soledade (Bra)
6. Rodrigo Koxa / Vitor Faria (Bra)
7. João Capilé / Dê da Barra (Bra)
8. Stefan Figueiredo / Rafinha (Bra)
9. Garrett Mcnamara / Kealii Mamala (Haw)
10. Jamie Sterling / Mark Visser (Haw)
11. Coco Nogales / Manoa Drollet (Mex / Tah)
12. Ross Clark Jones / Ian Walsh (Aus / Haw)
13. Grant Backer / Greg Long (Afr / USA)
14. Ramon Navarro / Christian Merello (Chi)
15. Dan Moore / Mark Anderson (Haw)
16. Mike Parsons / Bred Gerlach (USA)
17. Luis Roberto Formiga / Flavio Caixa D’água (Bra)
18. Bruno Santos / Marcelo Trekinho (Bra)
19. Paulo Moura / Marco Pólo (Bra)
20. Aldemir Calunga / Eric Miyakawa (Bra)
21. Eduardo Guimarães / Eduardo Chepa (Bra)