Monday, March 23rd, 2009

We figured it was about time to catch-up with our Ambasadors, round their happenings up and get a good idea of future plans.

Carlos Burle
He had a fairly quiet season in Hawaii. He waited around for the Eddie Big Wave invitational, but the waves never made it to the required 20ft faces needed to run the event, and so much of his time was spent with family, refining his paddle boarding technique and some tow training. During one tow training session with Maya Gabeira, the safety key had managed to shut-off the engine, whilst a set was looming in the distance. Carlos and Maya were left with an underpowered ski and a 15ft wall to get over. In the end, Carlos went over the falls with the ski and Maya (who was being towed), managed to pull off the the wave, just before the ski went overhead. As usual, Carlos has managed to keep things interesting, stoked all are ok and can’t wait to get some towing done here in the UK, in the near future Carlos.


Al Mackinnon:
Scotland has been calling and knowing Al, he’s never been able to keep away from the place for too long. Al decided to keep the shutter skills at home and get some time in the water, camp a bit and get some of those beautiful North Sea swells and seclusion - image is on the desktop Al - loads of love homie.