Friday, April 11th, 2008

Ahhh, the cut throat game of magazine making. When you ask questions and decide to turnover some stones you begin to realise two things; some people like to leave them unturned because they’re not too sure about whatever may be on the other side, and others turn and keep turning - they trail blaze. We like the second, I think we like the idea of finding answers, dealing with some hardships but in the end, hopefully find the right answers and put some bad things to bed.

I digress, but a lot of the above is what Huck magazine is all about. Vince Medeiros decided to turn over some stones, it hasn’t been easy, but he puts out one hell of a Magazine and one of the few worth backing. We were recently featured in this months Huck, issue No 9 and we simply wanted to say thanks to Vince and all the boys on the Huck side - so stoked.

This is the mag, keep an eye out and pick one up!