Friday, January 23rd, 2009

Released in 1952, Monkey Business is the movie Marilyn Monroe made before she became famous and many say that she held her own up alongside the likes of Cary Grant - not an easy thing to do. In any event, this was her first movie before she made it big and last week was our first, in terms of visiting one of Cornwalls - ‘diamonds in the rough’, the Monkey Sanctuary Trust.

In 1964 the Monkey Sanctuary, located in Looe Bay (Southeast Cornwall), was founded by Leonard Williams, a musician who felt compelled to give pet and zoo monkey’s a more fulfilled life, by way of freedom to roam and an opportunity for a more developed social group life.

Years later, the Trust has become one of the UK’s few rehabilitation centers, where dedicated and inspiring caretakers and staff create an environment where primates, ranging from wooly monkeys to capuchins, can live.

The whole team went to check the Sanctuary out, meet all those involved and see where we can maybe get involved. We’re hoping to shine some light on the trust and the crew who watches over it and perhaps aid them in there pursuit of rescuing the thousands of primates still in captivity throughout the UK.

You’ll be hearing more about the trust and the many primates over the year, but in the meantime, enjoy the image of Charlie Brown and Joey monkeying around.