Wednesday, September 16th, 2009

80 miles off Sumatra in one of the most remote and waverich zones the world has to offer, lies ‘Kandui’, an obscenely hollow wave with your only option for survival being tucked inside its enormous gaping jaws. Unless you’re confortable pumping inside the barrel, the best you can hope for is to find the right line, exert a little front foot pressure and hold on. If the conditions are right, you’ll take your share of the beatings; but, chances are you might just kick out of the best barrel of your life.

Camping out on a diet of rice and fish, Finisterre rider, Ian Battrick has been out in the Mentawiis charging hard and scoring some super hollow barrels. Check out Ian holding on and looking confortable inside a ridicolously long ten second barrel at Kandui. Some hard core product testing went down as well, as he christened one of our super finemerino t shirts in the biggest barrels they’ve seen yet. Notice the mutant end section, rather him than me.

Three words: Insane backhand surfing.