Monday, November 23rd, 2009

Another update on our favourite Brazilian charger. Carlos sent us over some updates on his trip to Mavericks. One of the worlds heaviest big wave/cold water surf spots in Half Moon Bay, California.

The waiting period for the annual Mavericks contest had begun and the first big swell hit, however whilst huge it was deemed a no-go for the contest, with the guys voting to wait for better winds. Carlos made the trip from Hawaii to get some practise in:

“With nothing in Hawaii, we tracked a storm that hit the west coast coming from between 290 and 300 degrees. It was the opening season day at Mavericks. Half Moon Bay buoy registered a big NW 29 feet at 20 seconds swell. It was very steep and some bombs that hit Mavs caught everyone inside”

“I stayed in the water for 5 hours straight and had to deal with some mammoths that were coming our way. If it wasn’t for the strong winds (15-30 knots) and super high tide (6′ feet), Mav’s would have been classic conditions! But I had some unreal rides and was a perfect day to practice for the event!”

Sounds unreal, its hard to believe how relaxed Carlos is about this kind of surf. Check out below to get an idea of what this guy takes on.

Carlos closest to the peak, making it through the foam…check out the huge rocks on the inside - don’t lose your board!!