Wednesday, July 20th, 2011

One of our Pioneers James Bowthorpe is going to be going on one of the most amazing trips of his life and one of the most amazing, we’ve probably ever been a part of. The details of the trip, we can’t yet divulge, it will be on foreign soil and we need to make sure that he has everything he needs to make it possible.

The trip is so unique, that nothing within our product range was going to be fully suitable, a trip so specific, that it’s requiring us to apply a unique design approach. The piece has to be able to endure hours on a velocipede, paddling a boat, making stuff and traveling many miles and through varying degrees of temperatures - the design process has begun…

Photos by Sir David Gray

patterns coming together, pure precision, by our very own milliner - Holly Young


First steps, of what could be over 1000 more…

eyes, hands, pens - all making the pieces features come to life.

TP looks at this like we’d imagine Michelangelo did, the Sistine Chapel!

Chin clearance and the beginnings of the hood…

take a bit off here and a touch down here.