Wednesday, September 3rd, 2008

We got in touch with a small band of guys in Ireland a few years back. Word was that with a little grace from the man upstairs and some stouthardedness, a few lone surfers were charging a spot that only a few knew about.

As with many things that begin here at Finisterre, we were inspired by what they did, were stoked with their commitment at one Europe’s heaviest waves and so we offered to get behind them by way of product.

Three years later, the few keepers of this very special spot roam the cliffs, wearing our product, keeping them warm before they charge. We’d like to think that we’re with them during these brief moments, deciding when to take on some huge swells and make a little dent in the history books.

Best and keep chasing boys

John Mac, calm before the storm

John Mac, long cutty to get into position ...

Position made, John Mac dropping the hammer