Thursday, December 17th, 2009

It’s been a busy few weeks. The workshop went quiet last week as the team made the exodus to Scotland’s frigid North Shore. Grabbing the latest stock fresh off the truck - Sastrugas, Beanies and Stormtracks, the guys trekked North, enduring some cold nights in the van, and frosty cold water mornings. Alongside Finisterre ambassadors, Tim Nunn and Ian Battrick, good waves went down followed by some classic pub and pool hustling sessions.

Wondering how you’ve still got your Finisterre package? Santa’s little helpers have been staying dry and hard at work packing orders late into the night, taking over the post office and keeping the office ship shape.

As 2009 draws to a close, its been amazing to see our gear put to the test in some dramatic locations in the last few weeks, so here’s a wrapup of what’s been happening, where we’ve been and who we’ve been working with.

Ian Battrick keeping it tight on the Scotland missions. Photo: Tim Nunn


Where’s the defroster? - Tim Nunn

Road, surf, sleep. Photo: Tim Nunn

Meanwhile Charlie Chambers has been working hard, shooting a new film for SAS to promote their essential work and the issues they are taking on. The film shot in 16mm looks to showcase some of the best surfing these Isles have to offer. The latest location, Scotland with a team composing of some of the most respected surfers in the U.K. Keep an eye out for our Boy Trev laying down some lines on his longboard on his hometurf when its released next year. Can’t wait to see it, keep up the good work Charlie and Co!!

Out on a limb. Photo: Charlie Chambers

On Location. Photo: Charlie Chambers

Sometimes the best angle is halfway up a cliff. Photo: Charlie Chambers

The last few months have seen a small but dedicated following of film makers, and photographers using our gear on their expedition shoots. Hugo, who’s been putting our gear to the test sent these wicked photos through. He’s been busy in the Antarctic filming for BBC Life thats been on your screens this winter. Four years in the making the documentary shoots some of the finest natural footage ever captured and explores, what Darwin called the ’struggle for existence’ - the challenges living creatures face and their adaptations in the harshest of environments. We’re stoked to see when our gear helps towards keeping the guys on the ground dry and warm so they can keep doing what they do best. Amazing to see and its what we’re here for!

Hugo keeping warm in his Bise and base layer



Ice diving with Finisterre Merino Base Layer under suit - extra warmth when you need it!

Again, we’re always stoked to hear your stories - be it surfing your local or a thousand miles from home. Send us your shots, drop us a line and tell us what you’ve been up to and where your going next.