Monday, June 7th, 2010

Tom Podkolinski (TP), Finisterre design director/researcher/leading biomimetic design expert and one of the brains behind our textiles innovation is holding an event and giving a talk in Bristol this Thursday after being approached by Honda’s Power of Dreams innovation series.

The talk at - Start the Bus, a quirky little bar in the heart of Bristol, will cover his work surrounding biomimicry, textiles and explore his award winning eco-design work at Finisterre.

An inspiring night with a little bit for everyone, it will incorporate a wide subject area and include TP’s design inspiration from Anthropology to Natural History and even his work with surfing sheep down here in Cornwall. TP really knows his stuff, and manages to keep us entertained around the clock, so it’s set to be a rad night. Proceedings kicks off from 7 - 9pm and special guest DJs will be hitting the decks from 10pm. See below for the official blurb…and don’t be shy!

The Talk

What is eco design?

What is Biomimicry (design that is inspired by nature) and why is it set to become one of the most important design practices of the 21st century?

Why is textile design a bastion of innovation and change?

Why are narratives at the centre of the information revolution and what does this mean for designers?

With years of experience in lecturing and research, each of these subjects will be explored thoroughly and presented in a way that is relevant for all comers. He is looking forward to sharing his passions with you so please take the time to come and get involved.

The workshop will be followed by a set from Honda’s “SPECIAL GUEST” DJs and more free food and drinks!