Wednesday, January 7th, 2009

Have to say, I ‘m loving the winter right now.

Steve (from Empire boards over the way) and i made it down to the South Coast yesterday afternoon. Unbelievably clear and cold day with a lush 3ft making it into a small right hand reef near Porthleven. Steve and i paddled out - the one guy who was out came in as we made it out - leaving the super glassy peak to ourselves. Quite a long gap between the sets, but some fun cover ups to be had and an incredible sunset.

We surfed until about quarter past five and then made our way up the cliffs and along the cliff paths over the frozen puddles in the half light. Van thermometer was on -4.5 by the time we got back - deep winter!

Checked the surf at first light this morning - again clear and frosty as they come - although it had dropped off a bit and was not doing it on the banks round here. So came into work and saw Steve who showed me his suit that had been left in the van overnight (see below) - had not seen this type of cold in Cornwall for ages! Looks like we have a few more days before things get milder. Still some fun waves about too. (Tom)