Monday, August 3rd, 2009

Hi Ernie,

My passion is diving and underwater photography;

The seal at Lundy was us in the bay, 2m of water, with some very playful seals, there is video of me being chewed by a seal!! This fella was a little more shy but as he came towards me I got a realy good couple of face on shots, after this type of encounter you leave the water with a really big smile!!

Snorkelling with the humpback calf was at the end of a week whale safari watching humpback whales in the Silver Banks, the real plus is to get in the water to observe mother and calf, the group is small and well controlled. The baby comes up every 3 minutes to breathe then back down to sit under mum’s pec fin. This calf we had seen on 2 days and when not resting was a real show off continually breeching.

Hope that is ok, Finisterre sleeveless jacket fleece used on the boat trip out to Lundy.

And with the email above, came the shots below - cheers for sharing Dave and Liz!