Monday, April 26th, 2010

Carlos was our first Ambassador and then Al Mackinnon jumped on board with a nasty talent through the view finder. They got together five years ago to shoot our first documentary - Beef or Salmon and just this past weekend, they were again together - hugging, taking photos and celebrating one of Carlos’ biggest achievements in the water thus far - Big Wave World Tour Champion. We love you Carlos, we love you Al - to the end homies!!

Finisterre’s first ambassador - Carlos Burle, was crowned the first big wave world tour champion this weekend after a non stop year of tackling the world biggest waves. The overall tour win marks the culmination of an outstanding season in the big wave world that was marked by quality swell that delivered across the big wave locales.

We have seen Carlos at his best throughout the season. Every week it seems we receive a little message from far away shores, of the latest session - consistently pushing the limits of what is imaginable, before jetting off on the promise of a fresh chart and a new swell.

Burle is no stranger to these wins. From humble beginnings in Brazil he has worked his way up in the big wave world as an underdog, to win the XXL big wave awards, the Todos Santos big wave event and has been invited numerous times to the strictly invitation Eddie Akaiu big wave event at Waimea.

The big wave tour, started by Gary Linden this year, and is an event for the small crew of big wave elite surfers and has flown against the conventional competition spectacle. Carlos praised his friends as he accepted the awards in the spirit of what he believes: “I’m so happy to be here, at the age of 42, to paddle around with you guys and push the limits…What we do is the biggest and most stressful thing in the world. We never know when it’s going to happen. There is no agenda for us. We have to fly last minute, usually overnight. And we have to deal with those monster waves.”

We’re stoked for you Carlos and everything else that’s been going for you this and last year in and out of the water - there’s a little package on it’s way over to you and the family in Brazil as a congratulations from everyone here.

1. Carlos Burle
2. Mark Healey
3. Chris Bertish
4. Grant Baker
5. Peter Mel
6. Shane Desmond
7. Greg Long
8. Shane Dorian
10. Anthony Tashnick

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