Friday, May 6th, 2011

Just spoke to James Bowthorpe, he’s the kind of guy that does - a ‘doer’. Here at Finisterre, loads of things have been happening - we have to meet product deadlines, put strategies together, we’re in and out of meetings, we have to grow up and they all need to happen, it’s just hard sometimes keeping an eye on growing the business the right way and also holding onto that fly-by-the-seat of your pants approach, that young, not worry about a thing and just do!

When a guy like James calls, he reminds you of the inhibition free way of doing things, re-lights that original fire, the one that was lit with a few branches and a crap lighter - the good stuff.

If you need to find some space, get that bike out and just ride, video below - will inspire - love you James.


Thirty Century Man from Antony Crook on Vimeo.