Friday, May 1st, 2009

The boys and girls over the way at SAS know all about slogging out their campaigns to get their message home, and they do an awesome job. Came in early this morning and got an email from Hugo and Andy who are up in Thurso. They are running a campaign on beach litter to coincide with the Highland Open - they sound fired up about the whole trip. Have a look petition link and sign up. Think the surf today up there should be pumping, so no doubt they’ll be filling us in on the latest… go boys.


Hello darlings!

A quick report from Thurso. Brimms is pumping at head high + and perfect but loads of pros on it all the time. I’ll email some photos. It’s sick. So many coves, beaches, set ups - it’s mental up here. Desolate and rugged. And beautiful and breathtaking in areas. We’ve not had time to surf yet but have a mean left hander rivermouth we’ll be sampling at first light tomorrow. Sweet. Went there today and it was tiny and perfect but tomorrow with the forecast size it’ll be epic……..

Campaign actions going great - new Downing Street up and running - see attached press shots and press release - if you wanna pass it on, wicked, and make sure you sign up! Check out the video on our Facebook page:>

Looking forward to seeing you in a few days!

hugo x