Friday, February 5th, 2010

Warren is one of Finisterre’s unsung hero’s. He’s advised us from time to time with product, puts together solid write-ups on treehugger , fills us in with his current happenings and lives a rad lifestyle - taking and giving at a good pace.

He’s currently living in NSW Australia, where he’s gone from concrete to in the bush. Over the past year, he’s been doing some pretty inspiring things, it lit us up, should light you up - super stoked Warren!

1. In the past year we’ve installed solar hot water and also 2kW (12 panels) of solar photovoltaics on the roof. Our vegie garden is currently producing zucchinis (courgettes), pumpkins, carrots, beetroot, corn, potatoes, tomatoes, rocket, plums, apples, peaches, etc. More here:

2. I’ve been slowly, very slowly working on a hobby project charting the evolution of outdoor gear innovations. See website here:

3. Mostly new parenting adventures. But I do take little Ryan (now six months old) out for a bushwalk every morning, pass the mobs of grazing kangaroos. We go rain, hail or shine.

4. Oh and i should mention, if I haven’t already, that our little village (back in September) became Australia’s (and maybe the world’s) First Bottled Water Free Town. I was a volunteer on the working group and designed/wrote the website for the campaign:

Cheers for all the support over the years Warren - big hugs!