Wednesday, April 14th, 2010

…the UK’s biggest Surf event, the 5 Star Cold Water Classic, went live today and first heats are finished.

A few months ago, we introduced you all to Chris Noble, one of our finest product testers. He jumped on board a few months ago, to push both our product and his surfing.

Just this week the 5 star Cold Water Classic went live and Chris, very quietly, decided to enter the event. He had his heat in good conditions, managed a solid result and finished 1st and was welcomed out of the sea with the local boys hooting. Now looking tomorrow at a tough second round, we’ve got some fingers crossed and backing Chris as much as we can from the workshop.

Keep charging Chris, enjoy it and keen for another phone call tomorrow afternoon!

Big hugs Homie and we’ll speak soon.

If you want to follow the event live, check it out here: