Tuesday, December 1st, 2009

BBC Life.

Jonathan Smith, came to us a few years back and said that he was going to be capturing some footage of the natural world. He couldn’t say much, he just said that he’d love to rock some Finisterre product to keep him comfortable during the day, cozy at dusk and warm at dawn.

Three years later, he’s grown the Finisterre family amongst the BBC ranks and now a host of world class camera men and women, wear Finisterre - quietly and with pride.

We’re here in this little tin workshop, on a cliff in northern cornwall and to think that at any one moment, our product is involved in capturing breakthrough footage of the natural world, at the ends of the earth, is a most excellent thought.

Cheers Johnathan, can’t thank you enough for the stories, the images and that odd phone call - super stoked!

To get a quick glimpse of what J-bone has been up to on BBC Life, check the link below:

BBC Life