Friday, July 23rd, 2010

We’ve kept you guys in the loop over the last 3 weeks with Tim and Ian’s Indian Ocean escapade, much of it in the spirit of exploring new islands and waves, but when the sun breaks for night, so to does the surfing. During this time, Tim would load up on mossie repellent, a coke to keep the eyes open and just watch storms pass over. Catching a still of a storm at its peak and a crack of lightning is a whole lot of expertise and a touch of serendipity - difficulty level: off the chart, beauty shot Timmer.

“I love shooting storms, but rarely outside of the tropics do you get totally clear skies and big cumulonimbus rolling in. But The Mentawai Islands are prime locations, the storms build up over the main island Siberut and then peel off into the sea, but around them is just clear sky. I’d tried to shoot three nights in a row but the storms didn’t cooperate, then this beauty came along. It just grew in front of my eyes, I sat for two hours getting bitten by mossies to nail this shot, I actually ended up with about twenty keepers, but this was probably the best.”

- Tim Nunn