Tuesday, October 27th, 2009

Humble Book Publisher by night.

David Gray is our Graphics man, our shutter-monkey and our hero when fulfilling unrealistic design requests, with next to no time to do so. He’s been with us for over three months and it would be hard to imagine this place without him.

Among many talents, the man has a gift for publishing, for putting some personal passions into practice. Every so often, he puts together an exclusive book of personal images, with a signed limited edition print.

He’s just launched - Thunderbolts Way


It straddles the last few kilometers of the habitable interior of New South Wales, a place where soft tarmac dives for cover under the hot tundra of red dust and parched grass. Where global capital meets the Kelly gang legend, where Melbourne Cup Winners are bred and a gambler’s dream begin.

Top job Davo, not many left!