Thursday, May 19th, 2011

James Bowthorpe on living like a dude!

Eating wise I stick to my own rule, which is basically as follows:

Eat like you normally do, balanced diet, normal food – just eat more if you’re training hard and hungry.
I’ll occasionally have a mulebar, but getting fit shouldn’t have too much expensive paraphenalia to it, otherwise you use buying that stuff as a crutch/procrastination. You end up with a load of expensive gear and gels, but no fitter than anyone else who’s spending loads of time online reading reviews of powders and potions.

Of course, things do get more serious and then food science steps in, but that is high level stuff.
When I skated in the late 80’s we’d watch a skate video then go out and skate for 6 hours… If I’m struggling with exercise I’ll watch a film with a good training scene in it or listen to a tune that reminds me of the open road, or the enclosed gym.

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