Thursday, November 11th, 2010

A little over a month ago, we ran our first competition. We’d spent over three years developing a logo, endless sketches, people coming in and out, some sleepless nights and in the end, something we thought wrapped us up - small, smart, resourceful, sociable and committed - an otter!


With over 100 entries on facebook, many laughs and some deliberations, we had to ultimately throw things to a vote. Sitting all around the famous coffee table, the votes went down during one of our marathon white board meetings…

The name FINN was born. He’s going to be everywhere, he’s going to get up to mischief, you guys are going to take him places, up mountains, through forests, in the water and ultimately, he’s going to be become synonymous with Finisterre.

James Fowler, one of our customers and the surrogate father behind the naming of Finn, will have his hands full. He’s won some T-shirts, a number of one-off Finistere logo badges and some wash and reproofing for all those loved Finisterre products.

So cheers James, brilliant work, we love the name mate.

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