Monday, November 22nd, 2010

As a small business striving to do things differently, we love companies who are living and breathing their passions, making products of the highest quality and in a responsible way.

Our friend Mark Roberts is the man behind Glass Tiger, a small business making environmentally sensitive wooden hybrid surfboards based in Penryn on the South coast of Cornwall. We had one of his boards in the workshop for a while and plenty of fun waves were had on it.

Mark gave us a shout last week with all of his latest news - check out this rad collaboration he’s just done:

”A little while ago I met Tim Stafford who specializes in bonzer surfboards at a surf jumble on the North coast.

I had read a lot of about bonzer surfboards, and had even made a couple, but within minutes of chatting to Tim about the bonzer concept it was obvious that he had not only a very comprehensive understanding of the concept, but had also travelled extensively surfing bonzers on a huge variety of waves, and even more impressively, had close ties with both Malcolm and Duncan Campbell, the founders of the bonzer concept.

Tim and I decided to combine our skills and collaborate on a bonzer, and the outcome we are both hugely proud of, and is now being surfed by a happy customer up in Scotland, who has already ordered his next board as collaboration number 2.”