Monday, May 23rd, 2011

Waterproof, the oh-so sacred art of keeping you dry. Companies used to spend money on innovation, proprietary fabrics, the search for better, smarter. From a evolutionary point of view - variations is good, more in the melting pot, more ideas = better and smarter, we evolve. Back in the day, the smaller companies out there, would challenge the big ones, get them to change their conventional ways, go back to improving, tinkering and inventing. But as of late, there haven’t been too many of those small companies anymore and the big ones, just keep getting bigger.

Here at Finisterre, challenge we will, tinker we will, invent we will and ultimately - a better, smarter, more ethical product we will produce. Take our C-shell fabrics for instance, no one uses it, it’s better for everyone and is just as good (we think better), with all the quirks of some damn fine British ingenuity!


Finisterre - Anabatic MkII 'waterproof-ness' test from Finisterre on Vimeo.