Thursday, April 30th, 2009

All the forecast maps indicated a huge swell approaching the Brazilian coast. Carlos Burle and tow partner Eraldo Gueiros were fresh back from ‘da island’ (Hawaii) and had got wind of a massive swell that was looking to hunker down on the Brazilian coast line. They prepared all their equipment, had a word with the weather god on the best location to receive the big swell and Rio de Janeiro was the spot. Everything was covered.

The swell was right and the wind too, the jet ski’s were set, and the team was ready: Eraldo Gueiros, Carlos Burle, Rick Werneck (photographer), Ylan Blank (surfer support jet) and Roger Ferreira ( journalist). The small band of five headed up to Saquarema, which is one of the most consistent surf cities in Brazil.

What ensued, was some of the heaviest barrels seen on the Brazilian coastline and Carlos and caught in his signature laid-back style.