Thursday, September 16th, 2010

Autumn is knocking at the door and to be honest, we’re welcoming her with open arms. It’s a time when our product shines, things get busier and the bigger swells start pushing through. So in the name of Autumn, our product and swell, we’ve posted this little email from Al Mack and it’s all about the Autumn and the harvest, so get out there and start picking.

Many of you will know Al Mack from his photography, his awards and his ambassador status, since 2007. He’s been away for a bit and just sent this jem of an email my way, had to post, liked the images, made us all hungry.

Al Mack:
As a result of the weather we’ve had recently, over the last few days I’ve been picking and eating the most delicious mushrooms and berries and I thought I’d share some of the shots.

Incidentally I should add that I’ve been picking wild mushrooms for twenty years (taught by my parents as a child) and know what to look for - if you get it wrong you could be killed stone dead by some fungi. These pictures show a handful of the edible ones I’ve picked from wood/field to plate and also some beautiful but not so edible other species.

Basket full goodies

I’ve picked wild mushrooms on many surf trips from the US Pacific Northwest to Scotland and all you need is some good olive oil and pasta, a little butter, garlic and cream and you have the makings of an excellent spaghetti.

On this occasion I opted for an omelette as I didn’t have any butter or cream in the fridge.

Edible varieties featured include the famous ‘Cep’ (Boletus Edulis) and ‘Chanterelle’ (Cantherellus Cibarius) both prized as a delicacy on the continent, ‘Bay Bolete’ (Boletus Badius), ‘Summer Bolete’ (Boletus Aestivalis), ‘Cauliflower Fungus’ (Sparassis Crispa), ‘Horse Mushroom’ (Agaricus Arvensis) which are all delicious.

Non-edible varieties include ‘Fly Agaric’ (Amanita Muscaria), ‘Death Cap’ (Amanita Phalloides) and ‘Honey Fungus’.

If you want a fright google search the ‘Death Cap’!

We’ll chat next coupla days.